Core Body Pain Relief


To work on tight muscles in your chest in your sternum, centre the acuball with the Spine Align Belt underneath your breast bone and let your head relax down on your hands and placed in front and underneath you. This is an amazing area to release tightness in people who have specifically got contraction there. Now, if you have had a car accident with the seatbelt across the front of your chest, this technique works wonderfully to release it. If you sit hunched forward at a computer all day this technique again releases you, so let yourself go onto the spot, deep breath a full 3 minutes. It’s amazing we never work on the front of our body, we work on the back but never the front. The acuball allows you on your own to release contraction there. Now, if you’d like, go a little bit further down your sternum by bringing your body up either placing the ball lower or raising yourself and moving yourself up, search for where you feel the tightness in your sternum. Breath, and a full 3 minutes of relaxation will create a beautiful opening effect there.

Shoulder Blade

The acuBall Mini is the BEST tool to use on the upper back muscles for deep release. If you want to release your spine, use the large acuBall. If you want to get into the muscles beside your spine, in your upper back or your shoulders, the Mini is incredibly powerful.

You can either lie down on your back with your knees bent to create more down-ward pressure and place the Mini behind your shoulder blade or go up to a wall (wall balling) and place it behind your shoulder blade. Since lying down allows your full body weight to be on the Mini it will create a deeper effect.

Move around, until you have the right spot. You will clearly know when you have found it as the sensation can be quite intense but it resolves within 30-60 seconds quite nicely then feels wonderful. Once you have the right spot, breathe deeply and release the tension. The Mini’s harder consistency will dig quite deep into the mus-cle. Remember that this area will be tender, so breathe, and give at least 30-60 seconds for the pain to decrease.


To work on tight muscles in the front of your chest in your pectoralis major and minor muscles, use the acuball, very simply place it where you feel you need it. You will know because the tightness will be significantly more tender to the acuball’s touch. When you get the right spot, breath and relax. If you are using a mouse, this is key because every time you bring your arm forward to mouse you tighten this muscle. Make sure also if you are holding your baby that you work on the same arm that you always hold your baby with and try to switch sides with your baby and your mousing if you can. Make sure as well to look and sense for where your body wants you to go, adjust it, move the ball a little bit inside if you need to. The key point is to listen to the message that your body is sending you.


Use the stippled, less penetrative aspect of your heated Acuback to open up tight muscles in between your ribs called inter costal tissue. Place your Acuback underneath you; move in until you locate a tender area. Once you have found it, completely relax. Let the weight of your body do the work. The Acuback’s heat and precision acupressure design is made to open up tight tissue from body weight alone. Once you have got a great spot, your job is simply to deep breathe and let the body weight do the work for you.


The acuBall Mini is a powerful release tool for the muscles in the shoulder, especially the rotator cuff muscles and the deltoids.

Leaning into a wall, let the weight of your body allow the acuBall Mini’s nibs to pe-netrate the muscle and connective tissue and release built up tension. The nibs will also stimulate blood flow to flush out the wastes that have accumulated in your tight muscles reducing pain and stiffness.

Locate the tight spot and move around till you find exactly where your body wants you to go. The front of your arm will be tight especially if you use a computer or cell phone. Let the weight of your body pressing into the nibs open and relax the muscles in the front of your arm. Breathe deep into any discomfort you feel. Once the spot has extinguished move onto the next tender area you find. The Mini will do a tremendous job and many users feel the difference almost immediately in their shoulder function with improved range of motion and strength.


Now we are going to work on a powerful spot – our diaphragm. Take your acuball and align the Spine Align Belt with the front of your diaphragm, which is right below your sternum so at the very bottom of your breast bone you will feel some soft tissue – that’s where you want to go. Now, if it’s really tight, and people with a lot of tension will feel it is simply too tight, they will have to stay on their elbows. But if you feel you can sink into it, let yourself come down, cross your hands and rest your forehead. Breathe! This spot is incredibly tender. It’s also incredibly rewarding to release. You will actually feel an emotional release for a lot of people here.

Lower Thoracic/Diaphragm Release

To work the lower thoracic spine and diaphragm from the back of your body, lie on your back with your knees bent and use both hands to centre the heated acuBall underneath the lower mid back area directly on your spine.

Realize that you’ve probably heldtightness in this area tight for a long time from forward bending. If you’re at a computer, holding kids, driving, doing housework, you’re continuously bending forward. This part of your spine therefore loves to be reversed and extended to be properly balanced out and that’s what we’re doing here.

Move your torso higher or lower keeping the acuBall centered on your spine until you locate a tight spot. Once you get the spot, you’ll know because it will be quite sensitive and you’ll feel an opening effect in the front of your body where the diaphragm muscle connects to your abdominal area. Again, breathe into it and relax.

After 3 minutes you will definitely feel an opening effect occurring in the front of your body, as your diaphragm, ribs and muscle tissue start to release. You can absolutely feel something changing in a wonderfully opening way. Again, breathe into it and relax.


If you have colitis and you are not in an acute state, you are going to find this fantastic. Use the acuball as a release tool for the tight muscles that contract around your intestinal tissue. You can also use it in other areas in your small intestines as well. But the key thing to do is to find the spot where you feel there is contraction and relax into it. Think of the acuball as a release tool for any tight muscles, but what we don’t realize is that there is tight muscle around our intestines, around our colon. So again, if you are not in an acute state, use the acuball, tracing different spots in your colon – and your colon runs in a horseshoe shape up from your right abdomen, up underneath your rib cage, over to the left and down. Move the acuball around those areas and find the spots you feel are tender.

Low Back

The heatable Acuball is a respected tool used worldwide by health care professionals for releasing tension in the low back. Use both hands to the centre the Spine Align Belt directly on the vertebrae. The design of the Acuball uses patented heat, pressure and a relaxation component that allow the muscles and joints to open from body weight alone over 3 minutes. The deep tissue release occurs without any effort at all. Your body weight will do the work. The patented design opens the joint surfaces over 3 minutes from body weight alone. Simply deep breathe, relax – the Acuball will do the rest for you. You can also use the patented Acuback; it creates milder penetration but it is easier to centralize on the spine. Elderly patients prefer the Acuback. Find the spot where you feel your body wants you to go and relax into it. Your job is to locate where your body feels the tension. Once you start to let go, the first minute will be tender then it will open. Muscles relax, joints open, and your nervous system calms down as well. After you have finished your first spot, go higher in your spine to the next spot. The Acuball and the Acuback are designed to track up your spine. Move your body down the mat and the Acuball or Acuback will go higher into your spine. Again, find a spot where your body feels it wants to go. Here our model is working on the thoraco lumbar junction and opening the front of her ribs and her diaphragm – an excellent release point for re-establishing health in the spine. Make sure to see the self treatment formula for sciatica and low back pain on our website. You should know that the feet are key in low back function. As you work on your feet, the knees, hips and low back become more mobile. It is important to know not just working on your low back, but working on different areas helps. The pubic bone is a key area which we discovered over many years of research. When you place the heatable Acuball on your pubic bone, the initial one minute will be painful, after that you will start to feel the back of the lumbo sacral junction opening. It is tremendously beneficial for low back pain.


The acuBall Mini is an incredible tool for releasing contraction and tightness in the muscles, connective tissue and joints of the hands and forearms. It is powerful!

Used in hospitals for hand rehabilitation and used by professional athletes like NHL & NBA players to improve hand performance the acuBall Mini is a truly wonderful tool to have on your side. If you know someone who has arthritic change in their hands, make sure to show them this technique. You can also use the acuBall Mini as a self-massage tool stimulating blood flow to tight connective and muscle tissue and also loosening contraction in the joints and the connective tissue surrounding them.

When using the Acuball Mini, locate the spots where you feel tenderness. Apply pressure using your other hand or on a counter-top and move SLOWLY searching for areas of tenderness. Going slowly allows your mind to properly receive the sig-nals your body sends telling you where to go. Work on your fingers, your palms then go into your large muscles in your thumb. The big muscle in the thumb com-monly gets tight from housework, texting, being at a computer and many other every daily activities.

Make sure to get right in there, feel that contracted area and really work it. Once you’ve found a good spot hold it and deep breathe. You will know after a certain amount of time that it is time to move. Your body will tell you: “ok now, go to the next spot”.
Find another tight area in that muscle and hold it there as well.
Let your body give you the message of where it wants you to go and for how long it wants you to stay there. Most tenderness will dissipate within 60 secs – 2 mins.

You can also use the acuBall Mini as a powerful release tool for your forearms. If you have carpal tunnel, use the Mini to self-massage all the way up through the flexor muscles on the inner aspect of your forearm. A lot of people tighten this area from bending their wrist when they use a mouse or repetitively holding their cell phone.

To work the outer extensor muscles of your forearm lean up against a wall with your arm bent at 90 degrees and put the Mini in between the outer aspect of your forearm and the wall then lean into it letting your body weight do the work.
You’ll definitely know when you’ve found a spot – it will be tender. Breathe into it and relax letting the Mini penetrate and separate tight muscle and connective tissue fibres while stimulating blood flow to flush out built up muscle wastes. Keep repeating this until you’ve worked on as many tight spots as you can. You can do this multiple times daily to really work out you tight areas.

Every time you have to bend your wrist to use your mouse, your forearm muscles come into play. So don’t be surprised to find out that you have a virtual smorgas-bord of tightness in your forearms!