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acuBall in Chatelaine magazine

Practise a little self-healing with the acuBall. Conceived by a chiropractor and acupuncturist, this nubbly fist-sized rubber ball uses pressure and heat (oh yes, ladies, it’s heatable) to ease tension in your back, shoulders, neck or just about anywhere you rub it. And if it soothes the aches and pains of burly NHL players and the National Ballet of Canada dancers, we bet it’ll work wonders on yours.”



acuBall in Flare magazine
If you’re in need of a massage, but there’s no time for an appointment, try the heatable acuBall, designed by Dr. Michael A. Cohen, a Toronto chiropractor. With the ball between you and the wall, or you and floor, it’s tiny nodules massage and loosen your tight sore muscles. You’re in charge of where and how much pressure you need to apply. (Take it from dancers at the National Ballet of Canada and the Toronto Maple Leafs; it’s replaced the tennis and golf balls they normally rely upon for quick muscle relief). The acuBall Kit.”



acuBall in Self magazine
If toiling away at your desk feels like backbreaking work, try the acuBall ($60; Nuke the softball-sized orb for 50 seconds, then place it between your lower back and chair. Bumps on the ball’s surface activte pain-relieving acupressure points while heat soothes your tense muscles. Our tester claimed it even improved her posture: a major back-pain stopper.”