Leg Pain Relief


Knee pain often results from tight muscles that connect into different aspects of the knee causing misalignment in knee function which overtime creates issues. Exam-ples of tight muscles that may lead to knee pain are: quad muscles, hamstring mus-cles or popliteus muscles located at the back of our knee; or we may have tight muscles in our shins, our calves or on the underside of our feet.

We will start with the feet since they are our structural foundation. While standing and supporting yourself with your hand on a countertop or wall place your acuBall Mini on the floor and roll it around applying enough body weight to feel like you are actually ‘getting in’ there. Explore the bottom of your foot moving slowly (1 inch per second) so you can really sense your body’s information – it will clearly tell you where it wants you to go to release tightened areas.

Remember, your feet are your foundation. If they are tight, there is no way that your knee joint can function properly.

Use your heated acuBack while kneeling to release tight calf and shin muscles (make sure to watch the videos in the ‘Click Where You Hurt’ section on our website or download our free APP for proper instructions). Also release tight quads located above your knee in the front of your leg while lying on your front and tight ilio-tibial band areas on the outside of your legs while lying on your side (because these areas are usually very tight we recommend doing this in bed for best results). While sitting in a chair you can place your heated acuBack behind your legs to release tight hamstring muscles and directly behind the knee to release tight popliteus muscles.

By doing all of these areas you’ll notably improve the function of the knee joint, al-lowing much better motion and improved athletic performance. That’s why a lot of pro athletes use acuProducts to enhance their athletic capability and reduce their risk of injury.


Tight shins make it very difficult to walk, run or stand. Muscles on either side of the tibia, the bone in your lower leg, become tight. Use the non-penetrative part of your Acuback, once it is heated, on the front of your shin. So that stippled area – put it right on the tibia, and here is what to do: place it underneath your shin, putting the bone right in the groove and gently sit back onto your heels. Breathe and relax for a full 3 minutes on each spot. If it is too painful, come up on your hands and knees for support. Then move to the next area of your shin where you feel something is tight. Most people have never worked on this area before, so when they initially do this it is quite intense. Sit back on your buttock, if you can, and breathe for a full three minutes. The interesting thing is how opening your shin improves your knee and hip function. Remember to search for the areas that your body wants you to go to. It will clearly tell you and your heated Acuback is the best tool available to do this.


Use the less penetrative nibs on the centre of your heated Acuback by rotating them down and placing them on top of your tight calf muscle. Use your hands to support your body weight at first; then, if possible, let your full body weight extend right back. Look for areas where you feel the tension. Remember if you have got advanced knee issues, do not squad – it will be difficult for you. Do what you can. Finding different spots allows you to open these areas from body weight alone. You can even go into the junction where your Achilles tendon meets your calf.


The Acuball Mini is a powerful tool for releasing myofacial contraction in your feet and mobilizing the joints. It helps for plantar fasciitis and is used by a lot of athletes and wellness people around the world. The heated Acuback is good for the initial phase of opening tight feet. After you have done that, use the Acuball Mini to go even deeper. Search for a spot; explore the tissue in your feet. You will eventually find an area where you are tight. When you find it you have two choices: you can stay on the area or you can move around. Note that 85% of patients with chronic low back pain have foot dysfunction. So use the Mini and the Acuback to release your feet. As your feet work better, your knees, hips and low back will function better as well. Use your Acuball Mini and Acuback to release the 5 distinct layers of tissue in your feet – 5 minutes, 3 times a day does an amazing amount to improve your foot function.

Lower Leg

Use the acuBall Mini as a powerful release tool for the muscles in the outer part of your leg. Athletes love this move. Why? Muscles commonly tighten in the outer as-pect of your lower leg. These are called the peroneus brevis and longus muscles. Many people who have gone over on their ankle have contracted these muscles.

Lying on your side with your leg slightly bent place the acuBall Mini under your lower leg and start to move yourself up or down to tune in the exact right spot. Your body will very clearly tell you, when you’ve found it. If you can’t find it, it means you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. When you do find the right spot, you’ll know… it will be tender. Hold it, and breathe nice deep full releasing breaths for 2 or 3 minutes until you feel the tight spot extinguish. When that’s done, move yourself down to the next spot and hold the acuBall Mini there the same way. Remember that your breath is key in releasing any tension or contraction that you feel.

Achilles Tendon

To work on a tight Achilles, use the deeper penetrative aspect of your heated Acuback, centering it right on your Achilles tendon. The Achilles runs from your calf down into your ankle. Put pressure on it, rolling back and forth over the Acuback and now bring your opposite leg over top to create even more downward pressure. Find a good spot, hold it and deep breathe for 2 to 3 minutes for maximum relaxation.