About The AcuBack

Unique Effectiveness Result of 3 Patented Design Features:


Heatable (200)1) Heatability

If you like the feeling of heat on tight sore muscles, you’ll love the Acuback’s unique patented heating ability. People love the sensation of deep penetrating warmth on sore, achy muscles.


Why does it feel so good when it’s heated?

Heat: Low Back

1. Heat expands muscles, causing blood vessels to open up, bringing more blood to tight areas. This increased blood flow flushes out accumulated wastes, calming irritated nerves and loosening muscles back to their normal relaxed state.

2. Heat also relaxes the central nervous system creating a greater sense of calm which further loosens tight areas.

Microwave for 1 minute or boil for 12 minutes to generate an amazing 75 minutes of soothing heat!


Spine Align (200)2) Spine Align Belt for Releasing Tight Vertebrae

Many spinal problems come from tight muscles which cause vertebra to lock together, ‘jamming up’ instead of flowing freely. The Spine Align Belt, a precision moulded groove running around the middle of the Acuback, allows you to lie directly on your spine – opening and loosening your own neck, low back and mid back.

Before you would have had to rely on your chiropractor or physical therapist to do this. How amazing is it that you can now do this to yourself!

Like pulling an accordion open, this helps to ‘free up’ areas where vertebrae commonly lock up. The two different styles of acupoints (lighter & deeper penetration) at both sides of the Spine Align Belt give an acupressure treatment to the important postural muscles running along both sides of your spine (the erector spinae muscles), allowing them to open and relax.

Better spinal motion, improved Central Nervous System flow (since your Central Nervous System runs through your spine) and improved posture result.

Even if you don’t have any neck issues, the area where your neck meets the back of your head is a key area for wellness enhancement since your central nervous system runs right through it – definitely try your Acuback there.   Just relax and release on it for 3 minutes.

Heat: Neck


Precision Nibs (200)3) Precision Nibs

Penetrates and releases tight muscles 100% naturally.

When muscles fibers get tight from stress, overuse or injury they contract (imagine pulling up a vertical blind and seeing the slats come closer and closer together).

Waste products that would normally exit the muscle get trapped inside – building up overtime. Eventually this build up of waste irritates nerves located in the muscle causing you to feel pain.

As the precision nibs on the Acuback penetrate areas of built up muscle waste they separate tight muscle fibers and stimulate blood flow flushing out accumulated waste. Pain decreases & muscle flexibility and strength are restored 100% naturally.