Upper Body Pain Relief


Now let’s try one of my favourite spots, in between our eyebrows, where a number of bone plates connect. Let’s use the bottom of the acuball with the small nibs and put it right between our eyebrows, letting the weight of our head be what creates the pressure. Simply let your arms come back and completely release down onto that acuball. Feel how your body starts to absorb and let go into the acuball. It’s an amazing sensation because you’re actually starting to shift and open bones in the front of your eyebrows where your nose joins onto your forehead and cranium that contract when we are under stress and tension. You may notice that the acuball when you use it on your third eye region leaves some indentations – it’s completely normal and part of the acupressure effect, those will clear in about 15 minutes.

Cranium (Top of Head)

Use the precision nibs on the bottom of your heated Acuback to open up tight cranial bones. Apply pressure up against the wall letting the label side go on the wall and the precision nibs on the top of your cranial bones. Find a spot where you feel there is sensitivity in the top of your head. Individuals who have had head trauma or who have chronic sinus congestion will be able to locate specific areas where there is a definite increase in tenderness. Once you find those areas, stay there! Hold the spot for a full 2 to 3 minutes, deep breathing and relaxing. Notice how many of those spots follow the cranial sutures where the plates of your skull come together. These sometimes shift causing issues. Use the Acuback to recalibrate those parts of your cranium and do it on your own time by simply finding the spot, applying pressure and breathing into it. Relax and let the weight of your head against the wall do the work. You do not have to exert any force whatsoever.

Third Eye

Now, let’s try one of my favorite spots; in between our eyebrows, where a number of bone plates connect. This is called the third eye in eastern esoteric writings as it is believed to have perceptual abilities although it cannot ‘see’ prosy it is claimed that this area can sense.

We’re going to use the small nibs at the bottom of a heated acuBall for this. While lying down on your front angle the small nibs toward your forehead placing it right between your eyebrows letting the weight of your head create the necessary pres-sure. Do not apply any downward force as it’s not needed. Let gravity do the work.

Let your arms rest at your sides and completely release down on your heated acu-Ball. Feel how your body starts to absorb and let go into the acuBall. It’s an amazing sensation because you’re actually starting to subtly shift and release contraction in the bone plates where your nose joins onto your forehead and cranium.

These areas typically contract when we’re under stress and tension so it feels wonderfully liberating to release them. You may notice that the acuBall leaves some temporary skin indentations (the acuBindy!). It’s completely normal and part of the acupressure effect. Those will clear in about 1-2 hours or even in a few minutes depending on the person and the depth of the work you have done.


The small nibs on the bottom of the acuball are fantastic for releasing contraction in your face, scalp, cheeks and anywhere around the area that you feel is tight. So, take the label side of the acuball and put it into the palm of your hand. Now, take the small nibs, bring it up to your face and start in-between your eyebrows. It’s amazing how many of us have contraction in our face, we don’t realize it but when we are scowling, when we are under stress or tension we contract the muscles in our face. I also love using the acuball around the top of my head to work on sinus points. Whenever I get patients with sinus congestion I show them how to acuball this area spending 3 or 4 minutes on their sinuses 3 or 4 times per day and it helps to open them up within a few days. Notice how nice it feels to have that heat and pressure opening muscle tissue all through your face. We don’t really think about muscles being in our face but they are there, that’s how we express ourselves. For people who have Temporomandibular joint or TMJ problems working on the side of the cheek, working where the muscles connect into the side of your temporomandibular joint is a wonderful technique.

Front of Neck


The heatable Acuball is designed as a release tool to open up tight muscles and joints. Use the Spine Align Belt and align it directly behind your neck. The precision points on the Acuball will penetrate and separate the muscle, relaxing them. They will also allow the joints in your neck to start to open over 3 minutes. Find the spot where your body wants you to go. You will know when you find it because there is a distinct sense that you should be there. As you relax over that 3 minutes, the muscles and the joints release. Your central nervous system also calms down. Many people feel enhanced feelings of well- being. The Acuback can also be used to release your neck. Put it on a 1 inch book for deeper penetration. Same as the Acuball, find the spot that you need. As you find that spot, your body will tell you “yes, that’s it” you will feel like you should stay there. Now, notice how the Acuball and the Acuback are working on your brain stem. This is where all the information flows to and from your brain and is a key wellness aspect of being healthy. Remember, that 3 minutes on each spot creates optimum release.
If you are tight, the first 30 to 60 seconds may be tender. Don’t let that worry you – keep going through it. If you have tight muscles in the back of your neck, you probably have tight muscles in the front of your neck as well. Use the nibs on the bottom of the heatable Acuback to release the front of your neck. Those muscles will have a reciprocating release effect on the muscles in the back of your neck.

Top Shoulder

The acuball mini is a fantastic massage tool. Use it in the palm of your hand to massage the shoulder of your classmate. What I love to see in acuball classes is rows of people massaging each other and making themselves feel good as well as their partner. Now, why would that make you feel good when you are massaging? Because not only does the acuball get into the muscle tissue in your partner’s shoulders it also massages the muscles in your hand at the same time as you do it. So your hand gets a relaxing massage as well as the shoulder of your partner.

Upper Back

Dr. Cohen’s self treatment formula for Upper Back Pain Relief requires the use of: the acuBall, acuBall Mini and acuBack.

Make sure to get an accurate diagnosis from a health professional you trust before engaging in any self-healing work.

The first point that will be addressed is Correct Sitting Posture.

The vast majority of us, especially when we use computers, care for children, or engage in work around the house, hunch forward creating significant joint compression in the upper spine leading to pain. Fatigue, stiffness, organ compression and decreased productivity result.

To improve sitting posture do 2 things:

1)Heat your acuBack in the microwave for 90 seconds and then place it in the area between your lumbar and thoracic spine to recreate the normal lordotic curve that allows our thoracic and cervical spine to realign.
2)Heat your set of 2 acuPads in the microwave for 3:30 seconds and place one under each buttock. This realigns your pelvis reducing low back strain making you sit upright much more easily.

Once you’ve done this you will notice that you now sit properly with no effort. This is extremely valuable as the muscles can relax, the joints can relax and your pain, your posture and your productivity improve. It also feels wonderful because your body knows when you are doing something good for it and rewards you with good feelings!

Next, lets work on our sternum or breast bone located in the front of your body which is the counter balance for your upper back. Releasing your sternum in the front helps open your upper back since they work like opposing balancers – when we release one we help the other.

The sternum is usually completely ignored yet it is key for optimizing your body. It contracts when we place our arms in front of our body computing and working locking our sternum over time.

Heat your acuBall for 60 seconds and lying on your front place it on your sternum and search for an area where you feel tenderness. Allow your forehead to rest on the back of your hands so your upper back, shoulders and neck can completely relax. Use your toes to move your body up or down on the acuBall until you find the exact spot your body tells you needs work. Once you’ve found it completely let go. Point your toes downward so you are resting on the top of your feet. The first 30 seconds may be tender and then it will start to release. At the 2 minute mark you will notice your upper back beginning to release. Make sure to stay for a full 3 minutes, letting your tension completely go. You are melting over the acuBall, letting the nibs and the heat of the acuBall do the work for you.

Now, lets work on the shoulder blade area to further help release the upper back. Because muscles connect from your shoulder blades directly into your upper back, we want to relax the tension in those muscles to improve the mobility of your upper back joints.

While lying on the floor with your knees bent put the acuBall-Mini behind your shoulder blade. Move your body around sensing where the maximum areas of con-traction are.
You can also do this up against a wall.

Finally, lets go to your Upper Back itself.

This is where the most intense pain is initially felt as joints that have been stuck (usually for many years) are first encountered. Lying on your back on a carpeted floor or yoga mat with your knees bent, raise your pelvis and use BOTH hands to centre the heated acuBall as high up as you can in your spine – then completely relax your pelvis down.
Now roll your body downwards – the acuBall is designed to ‘track’ up into your up-per spine where it is most needed.

Once you locate the correct spot you will feel that it is tender. Make sure to find the exact, right place that your body wants you to go.

What’s so fascinating is how intuitive this process is. Your body will clearly feed back to you the information you need to find the exact, right spot.
The first 30 seconds will be painful. After that, you’ll start to feel the layers of mus-cle releasing and joints letting go. Make sure you spend a minimum of 3 minutes on this spot.

If you feel your head extending backwards , support your head with a pillow or a cushion underneath it. Breathe deeply and allow your body to truly release on your heated acuBall.