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Thousands of health care professionals, hospitals, athletes, Yoga/Pilates studios, spas and retail stores worldwide proudly sell the Dr. Cohen’s acuProducts. Their unique patented designs are light years ahead of the competition and the ONLY HEATABLE self-massage tools on the market. Our distributor pricing enables you to provide unmatched healing value to your customers.

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Distributor Testimonials

Dr. Cohen, I am in love with the AcuBall! I personally use it every night to massage any sore muscles and sell it in my 4 Yoga studios in Manhattan where they fly off the shelves. I am very impressed with how relaxed I feel when I finish AcuBalling – it’s like I’ve completely distressed myself without trying! When I’ve had a hard day I spend 20 minutes on it and feel so much better. I am also very impressed with how easy it is to use. When we teach yoga students to AcuBall they start releasing their tight areas almost immediately – it is amazing to watch! Thank you for inventing such a unique and wonderful product. The world needs more of this!
Donna Rubin Owner 4 Bikram Yoga Studios Manhattan, New York
Hi Dr. Cohen, Maryam and I have been very pleased with the customer response to your acuProducts. They absolutely love it and we do to! One of the more common complaints among our fellow owners is the lack of unusual small products that fit in with the Relax The Back story. The acuProducts are the IDEAL selections. The positive reaction by professionals such as P.T.s has been very encouraging. When we do in-service training for medical professionals we always include acuProducts. Small, easy to transport and attracts attention. The heatability is really amazing and makes all the difference – once customers feel it – they want it!

Whenever customers look for foam rolls we suggest Dr. Cohen’s acuProducts and people are very happy because its much easier to use, feels much nicer and is completely portable. Thanks again for creating such great products.

James Cansler CEAS Owner Relax The Back Store Happy Valley, Oregon