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Dr. Cohen's Acuball — The World's Only HEATABLE Massage Ball
Relieve your pain.  Improve your vitality.  Empower yourself to heal.

Acuball Overview

The Creator of the Acuball Speaks

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Health Canada Medical Device Established License 5928. US and International patents awarded.The only ball that's heatable. 10 years of research and testing. Used in hospitals.Dr. Oz chose the Acuball as an alternative health must-have for back and neck pain.Used by athletes in the NHL and NBA.

Acuball Facts

1 The Acuball is the product of seven years of research and testing and the result of Dr. Cohen’s personal studies of native healing techniques in many countries around the world. The Acuball is now utilized as part of the training programs of professional sports teams and in hospitals for varied uses from hand rehabilitation to burn patient rehabilitation where it helps patients to break down scarring.

100% Natural Muscle & Joint Pain Relief

2 The Acuball's patented design features apply 100% natural acupressure and heat: relaxing tight muscles & connective tissue, enhancing joint movement, reducing nervous system irritation and creating a significant de‑stressing effect.

Stimulates Blood Flow

3 The Acuball's specially designed acupoints and heat stimulate blood flow. This increases circulation, helping to 'flush out' built up toxins that accumulate in tight muscles causing pain. As these toxins release over time, the muscle itself relaxes.

Releases Natural Painkillers

4 The combination of the Acuball’s specially designed acupoints and heating ability stimulate your Central Nervous System, like acupuncture does, to release natural painkilling, relaxing and mood enhancing chemicals like enkephalins and endorphins.

Dr. M.A. Cohen

Dr. M.A. CohenHello, I’m Dr. Michael A. Cohen, the developer of the Acuball.  I’ve always been interested in understanding how our bodies heal. Midway through my graduate training I had a life changing experience working in a hospital in Sri Lanka where I experienced the nuances and art of natural healing for the first time. That fascination never left me. 

I continued to travel around the world studying native healing techniques and amalgamating them with my western training. India, Myanmar, China, Tibet, Panama, Peru, the Amazon – each place teaching me more and more about how healing actually worked.  The Acuball is the culmination of much of what I have learned – the fact that we all possess a built in power to help ourselves to heal.

This power is part of everyone, but in our culture we’ve never been shown how to use it. The Acuball empowers you to tap into your innate self-healing cabilities.  By simply lying or leaning on the Acuball, the weight of your body creates a natural acupressure effect, which stimulates blood flow and releases natural pain-killers and sedatives. 

The result: pain is relieved, muscles relax and joint motion improves. Vitality is also enhanced. All of this happens 100% naturally, reconnecting your mind and body in the process. Think of the Acuball as your self-healing tool.

 You may be wondering just how the Acuball itself came into being. Like most inventions, it originated out of necessity. Read more...

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Incredible Value
Complete Acuball Kit $59.99 ~ 15 day money back guarantee

How much does one treatment cost??

The tools, knowledge and inspiration you’ll get with the Acuball kit are tremendously empowering. 
You’ll use it to enhance your wellness and relieve your pain for years to come – truly unbeatable health care value!  Empower yourself to heal with Dr. Cohen’s Acuball kit.

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Dr. Cohen's Acuball Kit

Dr. Oz personally uses the Acuball and called it an alternative health MUST HAVE for BACK & NECK pain.

The Acuball Kit includes:

  1. The Acuball.  It’s patented HEATABLE design effectively releases muscle and joint tightness anywhere in the body.You have to feel it to believe just how good it is!
  2. The smaller Acuball-mini. Works wonders on the smaller muscles of the hands, feet, shoulders arms and upper back. It’s also an incredible massage tool - try it on your partner’s shoulders.
  3. Easy Start Guide. Gets you relieving pain and enhancing vitality immediately.
  4. A 62 minute high quality instructional DVD. Filled with valuable info that empowers you to zero in on the exact areas you need work on. Featuring special sections for computer users, low back pain sufferers and proven easy to do stretch programs.
  5. Dr. Cohen’s empowering 190 page book - Feel It? Heal It! A powerful and inspiring guide to your self-healing that combines over two decades of Dr. Cohen’s clinical knowledge & unique first hand experiences with native healing traditions around the world with the latest findings from Mind-Body medicine research. A must read chapter for computer users, special stretch programs, low back pain sections plus proven pain & stress relieving techniques make this a truly valuable resource. 

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Professional Testimonials

Dr. Cohen's Acuball is excellent when used on a daily basis to complement traditional treatment and maximize benefits for a longer period of time...therefore improving overall performance.

Paul Papoutsakis, CAT(C) Company Athletic Therapist
The National Ballet of Canada

I have found Dr. Cohen's Acuball to be a fantastic tool for helping to eliminate trigger points and muscular adhesions. When used daily the Acuball is a simple and effective way to improve your flexibility, decrease your recovery between workouts or competitions and ultimately improve your performance.

Matt Nichol
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club

Personal Testimonials

Dear Dr Cohen & Acuball crew, Wow. Easy to underestimate what these products are capable of, given that they are "just little balls". No mate. These things are the real deal. I am currently sick with the flu and have pretty bad muscle aches that are part of the deal. Last night my neck and shoulders felt like solid granite, kinda sucked. Cranked out the Acuball mini and pushed it into where my neck muscles join the skull. This thing melts knots like a hot knife through butter. Within five minutes of working around my neck and shoulders, I was left with a feeling that 34 years of tension had released for the very first time ever. The feeling was completely foreign. Believe me when I say that I have tried pretty much every available physio tool for myofascial release. Nothing gets "in there" to melt the knots like these things. Nothing. They cost very little money, take up barely any space, and do everything they say they do. I feel sorry for anyone without one of these things. Big love and many thanks guys, keep up the awesome work!

Cam Wilson

As a golfer who prides herself on her game I really felt desperate when my shoulder started acting up to the point that I couldn’t play anymore. I tried treatment from my doctor but it never seemed to fix my problem. My massage therapist seemed to help me somewhat but the benefit was gone a day or two after the treatment. My son’s hockey coach had bought him an Acuball for shoulder pain he had so I used his. I was amazed how well the Acuball worked. It allowed me to pin-point the exact spot where the problem was and treat it myself every single day. What a difference it made! After only one week I was able to move my shoulder much easier. The best part is that now my whole family Acubal’s their aches and pains. Acuballing has made us much more aware of our body and how to take care of it. It’s tuned us into ourselves in a really great way.

Alicia Elder 

I began to use the Acuball after my neck and shoulders tightened up following a car accident I’d had a month before. I had been getting headaches and terrible neck stiffness that was making it hard for me to turn my head properly.Within one week of using my heated Acuball on my neck and upper back I felt much better. After two weeks I was just thrilled that I could turn my head freely again. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. It really has given my body back to me again.

Tonya Hespler


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