Where Do You Hurt?

Dr. Cohen has developed specific treatment formula to help YOU!

This valuable information is the result of 25 years of his clinical & research work plus feedback
from 1000's of therapists & patients around the world. Click on the images or body parts
that need work and follow the instructions - its that simple!

Click on the area of your discomfort to view a video of how AcuProducts can help you.
You’ll hear Dr. Cohen’s voice guiding you to the best ways to use AcuProducts to help release pain and tension in these areas.

Sciatica and Low Back PainNeck and Shoulder PainUpper Back Pain
Release pain and tension in different areas of your body. Select the area of your discomfort to view a video of how the AcuProducts can help you.
Achilles Achilles Arms Arms Buttocks Buttocks Calf Calf Cranium Cranium Diaphragm Diaphragm Diaphragm release Diaphragm release Face Face Feet Feet Forehead Forehead Front of hip Front of hip Front of neck Front of neck Hamstrings Hamstrings Hands Hands Hands Inner thigh Inner thigh Knee Knee Lower back Lower back Lower leg Lower leg Neck Neck Pectorals Pectorals Pubic bone Pubic bone Quad Quad Ribs Ribs Shin Shin Shoulder Shoulder Shoulder blade Shoulder blade Sternum Sternum Sub Acute Colitis Relief (Stomach) Sub Acute Colitis Relief (Stomach) Tensor facia latae Tensor facia latae Third Eye Third Eye Upper back Upper back
Suffer back pain  Computer pains  60 seconds stretch

Dr. Cohen's Acu Products

  • AcuBall

    Acuball-18127 copy copy
    Acuball-17921 Glutes 2 Acuball-17850 Low back Acuball-17890 sternum Acuball-17914 Neck
    Dr. Cohen's Acuball

    Dr. Cohen’s Heatable AcuBall

  • AcuBall Mini

    Mini shoulder massage back shoulder mini Mini Foot Mini hands
    Dr. Cohen's Acuball

    Dr. Cohen’s AcuBall Mini

  • AcuBack

    Acuback shoulder blade-2 Acuback Chair Acuback seated leg Acuback shin-2
    Dr. Cohen's Acuball

    Dr. Cohen’s Heatable AcuBack

  • AcuPad
    Available June 1st

    acuPad Product
    AcuPad Neck & MidBack AcuPad Pelvis & Diaphragm AcuPad Yoga Sitting Microwave AcuPad
    Out of stock
    Dr. Cohen's Acuball

    Dr. Cohen Heatable AcuPad